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Valvicir 500mg tablets : Usage and Side Effects.

Valvicir 500mg tablets

Valvicir 500mg tablets : Usage and Side Effects.

Are you still ranting about the pain given to you by merciless viruses of herpes? Are you still struggling with the symptoms? Now it’s time to bid good bye to these viruses and your ordeals. Valvicir 500mg tablets  tablets are here for your rescue. These are anti-viral tablets that treat problems such as singles caused in adults and cold sores and genital herpes caused in kids till age 12. Not only this, if your 2 year old bundle of joy is struggling with chickenpox, these tablets can be given to treat the disease too. You can buy valvicir 500mg online that means no loitering around drug stores any more. We, at Online Generic Medicine are providing you with certified medicines online.

Uses of Valvicir 500 mg tablets:

  • Used for the treatment of Herpes Zoster  Infection or ‘shingles’
    Treat the painful herpes infection by consuming this medicine. Buy Valvicir 500 mg online and get rid of the disease. For those who are unaware of shingles, this infection is caused by herpes viruses. Symptoms of this disease include painful rashes with blisters followed by sensation of burning. It targets patients who have been the victim of chickenpox. 
  • Chickenpox
    The very drug can also be used for the treatment of chickenpox. The best part about this medicine is that you can give this medicine to kids of 2 years old! Even chickenpox is caused by Varicella Zoster virus and Valvicir 500mg is the right drug to fight these harmful intruders.
  • Cold sores
    Cold sores generally occur in children and symptoms of the same include painful and small ulcers surrounding the lips on your face. Buy valvicir 500 mg online to treat the disease immediately. This is a safe medicine which is also recommended by doctors.
  • Genital Herpes
    Genital herpes spread quickly and is caused by sexual transmission. The sexually transmitted viral infection is produced by a virus called herpes simplex virus. The medicine helps in the treatment of Genital Herpes and has proven to be very effective.

Side Effects of Valvicir 500mg: 

All medicines have side effects, same goes for valvicir 500mg. When you buyValvicir 500mg online, you need to keep in mind the side effects caused by the medicines:

  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Feeling of fatigue
  • Fever and cough and cold
  • Feeling low
  • Headache and lower back pain
  • Breathing problems 
  • Frequency of urination lessens 
  • You may also suffer from diarrhea

Few things to keep in mind before using this medicine:

  • The medicine should be given to patients suffering from kidney disease and blood clots only after the advice of their concerned doctors. This can lead to adverse effects such as kidney failure and excessive clotting of the blood. Old age people and patients suffering from HIV should also use this drug cautiously. 
  • This medicine is not to be consumed by pregnant women. This is recommended only in the case of urgency. Doctor’s advice would be the best before taking the medicine.
  • Do not drive or work with heavy machinery after consuming this drug. Valvicir 500 mg can cause dizziness, fatigue and hazy vision. It is advised to avoid performing such tasks post taking this medicine.
  • Women who breastfeed their child should avoid taking the dosage. These women should consult their doctors before consuming this medicine. It can be harmful to be woman and the child.

Precautions regarding the dosage:

  • In case if you have missed your dose, take it immediately.
  • In case if you have taken over dose of this medicine and suffer from breathing problems or incessant vomiting, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Take the medicine as per the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

When you buy valvicir 500 mg online, check all the details of the medicine such as the precautions and expiry date given online. We at Online Generic medicine, make sure to provide you with all these details. However, it is always recommended to consult with a pharmacist and take doctor’s advice before taking this medicine.

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