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If there is anything that can severe the pain and ordeal of a person suffering from a medical condition, it is the stigma and discrimination associated with it. This is especially worldwide prevalent for the population suffering from tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis has long been stigmatized as a disease since it became an epidemic in the prehistoric time. The risk of transmission and the fear associated with this airborne disease has been a significant cause of mental trauma for those suffering from it. So profound is the impact of the stigma that people are reluctant to seek medical help or even if they start with the treatment, they stop it halfway fearing people would know about it.

The affliction is further aggravated by the misconceptions that seem to have spread rigid roots in our society, which is what today we are going to cover in our post so that there is awareness and those suffering from it no longer have to suffer under pain of stigma and discrimination;

  • It is genetic:

What is highly misunderstood in Tuberculosis is the way it spreads. It is an airborne disease, so when a patient coughs, the bacterias are released in the air, making the nearest person to the patient vulnerable to getting infected from it. Which is why it spreads fast in a family. This is where the misconceptions come from. Tuberculosis is not genetic. 

  • It is incurable:

The field of medicine has undergone massive advancement and treatment for Tuberculosis has been available since the 1950s. But since it is relatively a long course, generally people leave it halfway, making the disease drug resistant. 

  • Only smokers have tuberculosis:

Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, not smoking. Smoking, which ultimately leads to multiple respiratory diseases increases the risk of further aggravating tuberculosis.

  • It only affects the lungs:

Severe tuberculosis can impair the patient’s brain, eyes, spinal cord and covering of the heart, urinary tracts, intestine if it is not diagnosed and treated at the right time. 

  • You cannot get infected with Tuberculosis twice:

One should accurately follow the treatment administered to them by their doctor to get fully cured of the disease. Also, being cured of Tuberculosis is no assurance of your body being permanently immune to the bacteria or the infection.

If you or someone you know is suffering from tuberculosis, counsel them to consult a doctor immediately; otherwise, the disease might reach an incurable stage, or it might become drug resistant if the treatment is stopped in between. As for the prescriptions are concerned, we would suggest purchasing disease-specific or from a pharmacy such as where you will find prescribed medication at the lowest rate.

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