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zentel-albendazole Uses

zentel-albendazole is used to treat infections caused by worms (round worm, tapeworm, pinworm).
How it works
zentel-albendazole belongs to class of medications called anti-helminthic. Albendazole works by keeping the worm from absorbing sugar (glucose), so that the worm loses energy and dies.

What is zentel-albendazole used for?

zentel-albendazole is an anthelmintic or anti-worm medication. It is used to prevent newly hatched insect larvae (worms) from growing or multiplying in your body. It is prescribed primarily for the treatment of some infections caused by worms such as pork tapeworm and dog tapeworm. zentel-albendazole is sold under various trade names, a couple of which are Albenza and Zentel. This medication may also be prescribed for conditions not mentioned here.

Important Information about zentel-albendazole

You should not take Albendazole anthelmintic or anti-worm medication (Albenza, Zentel) if you have a known allergy to it, or to similar drugs such as mebendazole. Prior to using this medication, you must inform your doctor if you are allergic to any drugs or if you have liver disease or have ever had abnormal liver function tests.
Taking Albendazole with food will lower any chance of stomach upset. You must strictly complete the entire course of this medication even if your symptoms have subsided before the completion of the medication course.
Albendazole is a pregnancy category C drug. It may harm an unborn baby if taken while being pregnant. You must not take this medication if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Inform in advance about your pregnancy or any plans of a pregnancy in the near future to your doctor. Employ a good and effective birth control method when you are taking this medication. You must also not get pregnant for at least one month after stopping this medication. It is not known whether Albendazole can pass into breast milk and harm a nursing baby. Ask your doctor first before using this medication if you are breast feeding.

How should I take Albendazole?

Take Albendazole (Albenza, Zentel) strictly according to your doctor’s direction or according to the instructions on the medication label. Do not alter the dosage unless your doctor advises you to do so. Take Albendazole with food. If you have difficulty in swallowing a tablet, you may chew or crush the tablet and then swallow with a glass of water.
Albendazole is in some cases, given in a cycle of 4 weeks followed by 2 weeks of not taking the drug. This is iterated for a total of 3 cycles. Always store Albendazole in a cool and dry place.
Albendazole can lower white blood cells which are the main part of your body’s immune system. This may put you on a higher chance for infection, especially if you are exposed to infectious atmosphere such as near or inside a hospital, a crowded place, or near sick people. Avoid such places or people while taking this medication or take necessary precautions. Your blood may be tested regularly to monitor the white blood cells.

What if I forgot to take a dose of Albendazole?

Do not miss a single dose of Albendazole. However, if you miss a dose, take it as soon as your remember it. Do not take the missed dose if the time to take the next dose is almost up. Instead continue with the original schedule. Never take multiple doses closer to each other.

What to do in case of an Overdose?

An overdose of Albendazole is not expected to cause any serious effects. However, if you think that you have overdosed on this medication, seek medical attention right away or call the Doctor immediately.

Things and Activities to avoid while using Albendazole
Albendazole can lower white blood cells which are the main part of your body’s immune system. This may put you on a higher chance for infection, especially if you are exposed to infectious atmosphere such as near or inside a hospital, a crowded place, or near sick people.

Side Effects due to Albendazole

Some side effects of Albendazole (Albenza, Zentel) are nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, stomach pain, or temporary hair loss. These are not all the possible side effects due to Albendazole. There may be others. If you experience any serious side effects, stop using this medication and get emergency medical attention.

Albendazole Dosing Information

Remember to follow the dose set by your doctor.
Expert advice
Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to it.
Take the medicine with meals or with a snack Take plenty of fluids and fiber rich diet to avoid constipation.
Do not start or continue the albendazole tablets and consult your doctor:
If you have or ever had liver disease
If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
If you are breast feeding

Frequently asked questions about Albendazole

Q. Is albendazole/Zentel safe?
Yes, albendazole/Zentel is safe at prescribed dose for the prescribed duration as advised by your doctor.

Q. Is albendazole/Zentel an antibiotic?
No, it is not an antibiotic. It is anthelmintic drug.

Q. Is albendazole/Zentel effective for or kill pinworms/pinworm eggs/all worms/all parasites/scabies?
Albendazole/Zentel is effective for killing the worms that causes the infection. Your doctor may prescribe this drug depending on the type of disease.

Q. Is albendazole/Zentel available in Canada/US?
Yes, it is available in Canada/US.

Q. Is albendazole/Zentel over the counter in USA?
Albendazole/Zentel is available with doctor’s prescription.

Q. What is bandy plus tablet used for?
It contains the drug albendazole and is used for treating the infections like neurocysticercosis and hydatid disease.

Q. Does albendazole/Zentel work?
It works for the infections due to worms. Patients should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use.

Q. Does albendazole require a prescription?
Albendazole is available only with doctor’s prescription.

Q. Does albendazole treat giardia?
It is not the first line of treatment for giardia, but can be used if doctor prescribes it.

Q. Does albendazole/Zentel cause diarrhea?
It may cause diarrhea. However, consult your doctor if you experience this side effect.

Q. What does Zentel treat/cure?
It is used to treat infections like neurocysticercosis and hydatid disease.

Q. How does a Zentel tablet work?
It works by killing the worms.

Q. How soon does Zentel work?
It depends on disease condition and other factors. Patients should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use.

Manufacturer GSK Pharma
Equivalent Brands Albenza
Composition Albendazole
Discontinue Url No

6, 12, 24

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