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Thrombophob Gel 200iu – 20gm (Heparin Sodium)


Thrombophob Gel (Heparin Sodium IP) is prescribed to help manage a variety of conditions such as circulation conditions, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varisoce, bed sores, haemorrhoids, sprains, strains, icontusions, grass burns, haematomas, and scars.

It is used as a topical method of heparin therapy which penetrates tissue to help alleviate symptoms with anti-phlogistic and anti-exudative effects, which reduce inflammation and pain, increase metabolism, and aid faster healing.

Dosage and Administration

Always follow the instructions provided by your physician. Typically you may be advised to apply this gel 3 times per day.

To apply simply squeeze a thin layer onto the affected area and leave uncovered to air dry. There is no need to rub or massage the gel into the skin as absorption is quick and leaves no stickiness or grease behind.

Always wash your hands well with soap before and after applying the gel.

Side effects

Thrombophob Gel (Heparin Sodium IP) is very well tolerated and here are no recognized side effects allergic reactions linked to the gel. However if you do experience an adverse effect as a result of using this medication you should promptly inform your physician for further advice.


This gel is for external use only. Do not apply close to the eyes, mouth, nose, or any cut, broken, or burned skin.

This medication increases some patient`s sensitivity to UV rays. As a result it is recommended you avoid all us of sun lamps and tanning beds, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible. If it is unavoidable to expose yourself to sunlight then wear as much protective clothing as possible and use high factor sunscreen.

Keep this product in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and out of reach of children and household pets.

Manufacturer Cadila Pharma, India
Equivalent Brands No
Composition Heparin Sodium
Discontinue Url No

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