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Sharing Is Good, But Not Medicines! Few Dangers Of Sharing Prescribed Medicines

It seems simple: Your friend is dying of a headache, and you have some extra medicines left prescribed by your doctor – “a generic drug prescription” and you don’t want to go it waste, so why not put them to use?  Well, we agree “sharing is caring”, but please don’t do it in this case!

It’s a no-brainer, medicines play a very important role in upkeeping our health, right from treating minor health issues like infections such as cold, fever to managing severe diseases such as cancer and other heart diseases. But, sharing prescribed medicines with your friends or family members, can turn to be a dangerous misuse that could result in serious health consequences. Just because you see prescription drugs or medicines advertised on newspapers, TV or other media does not mean they are safe for your health. Taking someone else’s medications can leave you vulnerable to a number of health problems, some of which can be fatal or even life-threatening.

Reasons To Avoid Sharing Medicines

Prescription medication or a generic drug prescription is intended to be followed under the direct care of a pharmacist or doctor who is responsible in order to monitor a patient’s condition and his or her response to the treatment.  The medical expert carefully chooses medicines that are best suited to the patient considering the health issue of an individual, and potential side effects. So, it’s important to take medicines as instructed by your doctor.

Still not convinced?  Here are some of the strong reasons why sharing someone else’s prescription medication has several dangerous consequences.

Different Doses or Medication Schedule

Doctors or pharmacists generally prescribe medicines or drugs in different dosages with several different instructions based on the health issue of the patient. So, if you know someone who has the same drug prescription you thought to plan with them, it’s good to drop this idea as their doctors or pharmacist may have them on a completely different dose or medication schedule.

Serious Long or Short Term Side Effects

All drugs come with adverse side effects and health risks, that most health professionals take into consideration when they recommended a certain drug or medicine for their patients. Well, if you are taking non-prescribed drugs, those risks and side-effects are not being managed. All drugs have different results for different individuals, based on their health needs and the interaction of their body with that type of drug or medicine.

Legal Trouble

Taking non-prescribed medicines or sharing your medication prescription with anyone, even with your family members or friends is illegal. And, the likelihood of participating in crime increases when you share your drugs with other patients. So, if you are trapped in such an illegal activity, be ready to face fines, jail time and even suspension from your work.

The bottom line is, sharing medicines is done with good intentions but it’s never a good idea.

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