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 generic ru486 : MIFEPRISTONE

RU486 IS ALSO KNOWN AS BY THE GENERIC NAME .MIFEPRISTONEMIFEPRISTONE is actually a synthetic steroid used to stop hormones to stop the growth of gestation in early pregnancy.ru486 side effects are very mild easy to handle but still in any case you feel any serious side effects consult to doctor. customers can buy ru486 online without any confusion. The provides ru486 for sale at a good discount. customers can view other abortion pills for sale in texas, Florida, Colombia, or other states the USA, and other parts of the world.

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RU 486 – Working Mechanism

RU 486 works by blocking the progesterone action and breaking the uterus lining, resulting in the normal menstrual cycle and regular bleeding. Also, the drug opens the cervix, leading to contractions that help dislodge and expel the embryo.

RU 486 – Dosage Format

The generic ru486 can be taken only up to the first 8 weeks of gestation ).  ru486 comes with the names: Mifeprex, Mifegyne, and Mifepristone. generic ru486 medication comes with Misoprostol in the dosage. Use it under proper medical supervision:

  • In the first step, visit a clinic or a medical expert to discuss medical history and take the pregnancy test.
  • Next, take the ru486 tablet orally with 3 pills of 200 mg each with a glass of water.
  • After 48 hours of  ru486 consumption, take the 2 prostaglandins (Misoprostol) tablets to complete the abortion process, you can complete this abortion process at home and have complete privacy.
  • Post some days or 1-2 weeks, return to the clinic to check for complete abortion (complete termination of pregnancy).

RU 486 – Precautions

ru486 must not be used with any other medicines. It is advisable to consult a medical specialist to discuss your medical history before using  ru486 for medical abortion. Also, keep in mind to not use alcohol along with it

RU 486 – Side Effects

RU486 is a safe and effective medicine that comes with very mild side effects. You may feel nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach pain, or cramps. But still, it is advisable not to do any heavy exercise, driving during the whole procedure and just take rest till the completion of the procedure.

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