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It is an FDA-approved pill used to terminate an early pregnancy without using any surgical instruments. Cytolog actually consists of mifepristone and misoprostol. Customers looking for a better and considerable combination of mifepristone and misoprostol kit online to purchase can go along with it. We deal with abortion all types of abortion pill pack online USA, UK, UAE, rest of the world keeping safe your all data safe and private.


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 Working Mechanisms:

Cytolog is formulated with artificial prostaglandin E1 analog which causes narrowing of the uterus lining and causes prevention of the sperm from entering and causing fertilization. During the course, the process of contractions of the womb leading to the expulsion of pregnancy. In this process, a woman may experience abdominal cramping or painful nature along with loss of blood during vaginal bleeding. This method of expelling the dead embryo out of the body confirms the completion of the process.

When should these pills not be taken?

You should avoid taking the Misoprostol and Mifepristone pills if you are allergic to any of the key abortion ingredients in mifepristone and/or misoprostol.

The Mifegest kit does not work if your pregnancy is ectopic, hence we always suggest you get an ultrasound sound and confirm your pregnancy type before using the cytolog. Use abortion pills for safe abortion only when your pregnancy is uterine.

Usage of these abortion pills below 18 years of age is not allowed or not advisable or take them when you have someone you can trust with you so that they could help you in a situation where you need help. If you are above 35 years then it is recommended that you should take the doctor’s advice and only then you should take these abortion pills.

Make sure if you are taking abortion pills at a place that is nearest to a health clinic so that you can go there in case of emergency.

Do not take these pills if you are suffering from any heart-related diseases like cardiovascular disorder, angina, or other issues like severe anemia, chronic adrenal failure, inherited porphyria, or have any bleeding disorders or any intrauterine disorder.


Women who intend to buy Cytolog online should avoid alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking during the course for its unwanted side effects. If a woman is allergic to the components of this medicine then she is required to consult a doctor before starting the course. We have a medical advisor to answer all your queries before you buy this medicine online

 Side effects:

Users might experience mild effects such as bleeding and abdominal cramping. Other common after-effects involve headache, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. This medicine’s side effects are short, mild, and normal.

Cytolog Abortion Pill Order Cancellation Policy

Cytolog online is FDA approved and we do Not accept any Order Cancellation Request after the Order is Approved from Please Double check with your Doctor then place your orders with, Order will Not be Canceled or Refunded for Overnight Delivery and Express Shipping. Buy Cytolog  Online with trust

25 reviews for Cytolog

  1. Srittni Draheim

    Satisfied with their service.

  2. Nicola Manley

    I think there is no need to hassle in the purchase as products are safe and approved and affordable too.

  3. Eddy Donno

    Fast delivery and supportive team. I got the product with full information inside it that how to use so was very easy whole procedure.

  4. Jamie

    I was placing an order for an Cytolog Kit pack for the first time and was nervous that what if my payment would get struck. But after proceeding to the payment with PayPal it hardly took a few minutes to complete my transaction.

  5. Sallie

    Superior and best quality products.

  6. Horace Manzanares

    their overnight shipping was awesome.

  7. Maria Caso

    Excellent and on-time delivery. All team is very supportive, I got full support from the team.

  8. Thomas Nik

    I’m definitely giving this product Cytolog Kit 5 star for such prominent action and outcome. This website does provide legit products as it did not fail to show 100% effectual results. The product is very good and you can buy it without any fear.

  9. Carella

    That was a good decision proved to me.

  10. Horace Manzanares

    I had missed abortion in my first trimester so advised by the doctor and now I am relaxed as it was an easy procedure in comparison to surgical abortion

  11. Natalie rooze

    I would love to write a review from them. I was grateful to purchase an Cytolog Kit pack from them. My confirmation for the product was accepted within a few minutes and also all the information for tracking was shared in my mail.

  12. Aimee

    It worked safely .

  13. Cathy Churchman

    Before purchase, I was a little worried about payment methods then I message the team and got full support. today i got my parcel so a big thank you……

  14. Cheryl Choi

    product and effect were good.

  15. Callie moody

    Completely satisfied with the service.

  16. Tooze

    Medicine works like a treat. Order process was very easy, convenient and precise. The delivery was timely!

  17. Donah Bassett

    Good, Excellent, and Superb website.

  18. Mike Leena

    Generally e-pharmacies have highest rates of abortion pills but has affordable prices.Cytolog Kit was super effective and helped me terminate 7th week pregnancy with minimal side effects.

  19. Winters

    Extremely recommended ! Worked great for me !

  20. Leena Sood

    The service of is excellent as the staff is very quick and prompt in replying. Also solve queries in lesser time ensuring 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Shop with full confidence.

  21. Sallie

    I used the transferwise payment method for the first time and it was convenient. Also, got an accurate exchange cost for the Cytolog kit.

  22. Lizbeth Liz

    The team is so excellent that after placing an order for my prescribed medicines I received my tracking details within 24 hours.

  23. Zohnson

    I order the combined dose from the pharmacy with overnight shipping. I received my termination pills within the given days.

  24. Shyante Johnson

    The supportive team is great. Happy to get service.

  25. Savannah Grace

    Good, Excellent, and Superb website.

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