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Per the facts, approximately 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV today, of which 15% are unaware that they are infected by it.

Also, per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the level of annual HIV infections began to level off to 39, 000 per year, with the significant reason behind the increasing cases being inadequacy in delivering the right treatment and medication to those in need. 

Another significant reason behind the rising number of HIV infection are the misconceptions that this “still being researched upon” disease has led many people into believing. The long struggle with the HIV infection has resulted in what, hows and why’s, furthering the ambiguity of this already complex disease. 

 Taking this into account, today we are going to  debunk some of the most common misconceptions about HIV that are looming around the world, giving way to discrimination and acting as a hindrance in the treatment and care: 


The research-based reason behind HIV is having unprotected sex, or sharing needles and injecting equipment. A person’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with them contracting HIV.  


HIV medication research has come a long way, and for as long as an HIV positive pregnant woman is regular with her medication, before, during and after pregnancy, the chances of transmitting the disease to the child goes as low as 1% or less.  


When HIV infections attack a deficient and weak immune system, gradually it leads to autoimmune deficiency syndrome, but this doesn’t mean that all HIV positive people develop AIDS.  But with early treatment of HIV infection, AIDS can be prevented.  


Per the Centre for Disease Control, HIV is transmitted through body fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid, breast milk. It clearly states that does not get transmitted through saliva, sweat, tear, air, water, which means you won’t contract it from an HIV positive person by shaking hands with them or hugging them.  


It is important to remember that we are tackling a grievous disease here, which has life-threatening potential. One must not skip any dose as it is one of the leading causes of people unable to achieve success in their treatment. Suboptimal drug adhere might even invite a host of other bacterias; hence, one must make sure to follow the doctor’s prescription carefully, regularly.  

It is essential to remain well aware of what the truth is and the gravity of these misconceptions in not just seeking treatment but also fostering social prejudice. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with HIV but is apprehensive of seeking treatment, make sure they know the truth from lies and counsel them into getting immediate medical help.Make sure the person living with HIV but is apprehensive of seeking treatment, knows the truth from lies and counsel them into getting immediate medical help. Depending upon the level of the infection, a doctor is likely to prescribe Tenvir L, triomune, or Daruvir. 

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We understand the stigma associated with HIV, and no we are not encouraging you to not speak against it, but we know how certain people might not want the diagnosis to be out in the open, which is fair. This is your life, after all, which is why we also assure discreet delivery and keep customer’s privacy policy in high regard. 

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