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Generic Drug 101: Everything You Should Know

Generic Drug 101

Generic Drug 101: What Pharmacists Need to Know Abbreviated New Drug Applications, state laws, and more. According to the FDA, 9 out of 10

A generic drug is a pharmaceutical drug that has the same chemical substance as the medicine that was originally developed, patented and innovated, but for lower prices. They are created almost like a clone of a marketed brand-name drug. A generic drug is available in a dosage form in the market.

From performance characteristics to the intended use, they have the same fundamentals as a brand-name drug. In other words, generic medicine is an equal substitute as the brand-name one. makes it even easier to get a generic drug prescription. We offer generic drug available online for you. All you would require is to email us a prescription copy and we will deliver whatever you order.

Let’s get into a deeper understanding of generic drugs and answers to a few generally asked question about generic medicines: 

Why does generic drug cost less than brand-name medicines?

The availability of every generic medicine depends on the review by the FDA. They are available for the public after a set period of time that the brand-name version had been on the market exclusively. This is because a patent protects the brand company’s investments by prohibiting others from making and selling copies. As it takes such a long time to introduce a new drug to market, this period allows drug companies to recover the costs correlated with the producing this drug. Even FDA authorize certain periods of marketing exclusivity. After this period end, the generic drug appears in the game.

How is the generic drug different from brand-name medicine?

The U.S. trademark doesn’t allow generic drug prescription to look exactly like the original brand-name drug. Therefore there are a few differences that could be used to identify the difference between generic and brand-name drug. However, even if they don’t look the same but that doesn’t really affect effectiveness, or it’s safety.

Generic drug prescription differs in:

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Packaging
  • Labeling (minimal difference)

 Does every brand name has a generic medicine?

NO, not all the medicine lies under the list of brand name are necessarily available in a substitute of generic drug prescription. However, there could be a chance that some drugs may never have a generic drug because manufacturers may not consider them as a staple to ramp-up their business profit or they might be too complicated or difficult to manufacture.

You can ask your doctor or pharmacist if the medicine prescribed to you is available in generic drug prescription or not. If it is, ask if you should take it or not. If you get an OK sign from the professional, give it a search at Our product is consistent and guaranteed compatible with FDA standards. We deliver products that are produced by eminent manufactures of the industry which are on US FDA or WHO-GMP inspected facilities. You can be relieved about privacy while purchasing generic medicine from us. Our website is SSL certified, which ensures the personal info that you might share with us. To get answers to more FAQs, click this link.


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