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Per the, it has been reported that 2.8% of the population that is more than 3.1 crore Indians are have admitted to using one or the other forms of drugs and many are addicted to it. Similarly, India is also home to six crores alcoholics. 

Yes, the stats are staggering and embarrassing, but there is an urgent need for regulation and open discussion on drug and alcohol treatment. It is disappointing to see those very few people or the concerned relatives of the addicts persuade the person for seeking treatment for their addiction, reasons of which can be from unwillingness to inability. 

In today’s posts we are going to cover some common frequently asked questions about drug and alcohol treatment that need to be addressed and understood for better awareness and pushing people towards seeking immediate help for what is out of their control now the drug and alcohol addiction. 

  • What exactly is an addiction and when can a person be deemed addicted?

Addiction is a brain disorder wherein the person loses the ability to get a hold of his drug-abusing and drinking habits. A person is deemed addicted when they can no longer meet the responsibilities owing to their drinking or drug-injecting habits. AAn addicted person regardless of their self-control and advice from a concerned family member is unable to give up the habit and continues using it. Take, for instance, being caught many times for causing accidents due to drunken driving, or not fulfilling personal or professional duties. 

  • What does addiction does to a person’s life?

 Regular intake of drug and alcohol reduces the tolerance level of the brain cells, resulting in brain adapting to the unhealthy euphoric level. An addicted person not only tarnishes their and the family member’s reputation, but it severely impacts their personal and professional life, threatening the future ahead. No reputed organization would hire an alcoholic. They might end up behind bars in a drunk driving accident, putting their name in the criminal record, further threatening the possibility to secure a decent job in the future. Addiction, if not identified and treated at the right time can also lead to death.

  • Are drug and alcohol treatment helpful?

 Yes, if consulted the right doctor and rehabilitation centers, treatment can help a person get out of this desperate situation and control their brain to function correctly. It is important to note that this treatment duration will vary depending on the person’s addiction and a different person is offered different treatment and prescription medicines depending on their biological culture. 

  • Is aftercare required?

Yes, aftercare will help the person stay determined so as to not relapse into using drugs and alcohol again.

If you or someone you know is going through the drug or alcohol addiction ordeal and is willing to take a step towards a better life and seek treatment, be their support and help them through the journey. An integral part of the procedure would be the medication, which you can easily purchase online.

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