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Sounds like a dream, right?

For people who regularly wake up with new acne break out on their faces, it is a dream that they desire to achieve, but have seldom been successful. Unless you have perfect genes, you are also amongst the distressed population of girls and boys that have had to deal with a pimple in their teens or adolescence. Some might be still struggling with it. There are several studies which have proven that acne breakouts have adverse impact on the person’s emotional well being.

Acnes are a result of bacteria build up and secretion of oil in excess. While daily pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle are contributory factors to these breakouts, your genes can also be held culprit for your acne problem.  There are several OTC available in the market that can help you get rid of minor acne breakouts, but for severe cases, consulting a dermatologist should be your immediate step.

While acne takes time to heal, what can help with the treatment is you kicking off those habits that are contributing to the spread of acne, in the first place.

In our today’s post, we will discuss some habits that you need to put a stop to, to make sure your skin is less vulnerable to acne: 

  • Don’t touch your face:

No matter how much you want that pimple to go away, it is going to take its time. Touching it with your hands is only going to make it worse, as dirt and bacteria can easily transfer from your hands to the face, leading to clogged pores and worsening the breakouts. Similarly keep the contact of your phone with face minimum, as dirt and bacterias on the screen can lead to not only acne but blackheads as well. 

  • Do not pop a pimple:

It might be too difficult to resist the urge, but you should try to pop a pimple, thinking it will go away. It is only going to make it worse as by popping your pimple you are exposing the inflamed skin to a host of bacterias. Squeezing pimple lead to acne scars which can last a lifetime. 

  • Do not over exfoliate:

Yes, beauty gurus swear by the power of regular exfoliation in helping the skin breathe and keep skin free from blackheads and whiteheads, but an excess of anything has adverse impacts, which is the case with over exfoliation. While you might think that by exfoliating more, you might be helping the skin get rid of a pimple, this is not true. Acne prone skin can get irritated and inflamed with over exfoliation, leading to acne burst and permanent scarring.

Get rid of these acne worsening habits today, and you will be able to notice the difference soon.

But if the acne on your face is getting out of hand, immediately consult a nearby dermatologist who will help you identify the root cause and accordingly make changes in your life. For the prescribed medicines, it would be a smart choice to purchase them from an online pharmacy. But it is important to note that not all online pharmacy companies are trustworthy, selling medicines of the approved manufacturer. Unapproved medication poses the threat of severe side effects, which in worse cases could also lead to death.

This is why it is suggested to always buy medications from credible sources like which only sells medicine manufactured by companies that hold approval of US FDA or WHO GMP facilities such as Ranbaxy, Cipla. We understand the value of security and privacy which is why we make sure all the transactions made by our consumer are through a safe payment gateway, and all deliveries are made discreet. At you will find every prescribed medicine, be it for skin care or general health, at a reasonable rate, without having to compromise on the quality.

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