Coronavirus and pregnancy

Coronavirus or (COVID-19) is a newly found virus that causes an infection in your sinus, nose, and upper throat. This was caused due to a disease outbreak that first began in China in December 2019. It is now called Acute Respiratory Syndrome. In March 2020, COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic by the WHO. Some recommendations for the prevention and treatment of this illness have also been posted on their websites. This pandemic has left everyone anxious and in fear affecting a huge number of people globally. The spread of COVID 19 is a growing concern among pregnant women about how this virus would affect them and their unborn child. It is also stated that pregnant women are feared to be at a much higher risk than others in such a medically devastated surrounding.

The extreme cases experience respiratory failure when diagnosed with the disease of corona. If a woman is tested positive for covid-19 during her pregnancy, most health care professional suggest going for C-Section.

If proper precautions are not taken by the mother who is infected with COVID-19, the virus can spread to the infant. The immunity system of infants is usually very low, hence there are high chances of severe health concerns.

Following are some of the positive sides to it:

1.     This virus cannot spread through breast milk.

2.    There are very few chances of miscarriage.

3.    Until now, there’s no such evidence which proves that this virus causes abnormalities in infants.

4.    Until now, there’s no such evidence which proves this disease transmit the baby through any other way.

It is very important for women to understand that if you are having a surprise pregnancy, the decision has to be taken at the earliest. The reason being that a clinical abortion can only take place at a professional clinic. If a covid-19 patient is found in that particular clinic, the chances of the woman getting infected are high. In such cases, if a woman chooses the method of safe home abortion then she does not have to go out at any clinic to perform the abortion procedure. It can be done at home safely. Safe abortion pills function to make hormonal changes in the body carefully removing pregnancy tissues from the uterus. Hence there are absolutely no chances of getting infected or affected from an outsider.


Studies indicate the risk of vertical transmission to be quite low. This means that the chances of the virus getting transmitted from a mother to her fetus are very unlikely. However, recent reports indicate that some new-born babies of mothers who tested positive for COVID-19 possess virus-specific antibodies. These IGM subtype antibodies have large molecular sizes which makes it harder for them to be transferred from the mother to her fetus. This new data is not very accurate, but research suggests some babies who were exposed to the novel Coronavirus produced these antibodies in the uterus. 

It’s important to contact your gynecologist if you are experiencing the symptoms of coronavirus in your pregnancy.

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