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The drastic weather change from soaring high temperature to cold or windy autumn has led to an increase in chances of allergy where people who are vulnerable to this weather can fall sick very easily.  

Allergies can be frustrating, interfering with the daily routine. Some allergies are so severe that the person is unable to function for the following days as the season change. The onset of different weather can be a breeding ground for various bacteria and allergies resulting in different kinds of allergies depending upon the person’s immune system. But the weather is just one of the many reasons for allergies; some allergies can be due to body’s aversion to the category of food or allergies due to the bio-culture of certain animals such as a dog, cat, etc.

If a person comes in immediate contact with any of the allergies trigger, say, for instance, you or someone you know shows pollen allergy symptoms. In such case, it is advised to immediately rush to your nearest general physician who will inspect, diagnose and prescribe the medicine to help you get relieved of the allergy.

In today’s blog post we are going to discuss signs of some of the common allergies:


Almost everyone is affected by some of the other kind of food intolerance at some point in their life. For example, people allergic to milk or milk-based products might end up vomiting or having hives if they consumed it. People with nut allergy might get abdominal pain or diarrhea if they ate anything with walnut, hazel or any nut in it. The only solution to food allergies is to avoid that food or food category.


Seasonal allergies such as those triggered from pollen from grasses, or dust mites or mold allergy could result in the allergic person sneezing, or they might get hay fever. The change of season generally causes respiratory allergies, or it could be due to intolerance to certain species of animals such as cats, dogs, etc.


Skin allergies can trigger from either coming in contact with animals, or it can be the body’s reaction to any chemical substance such as those in the cosmetics. It includes allergies to certain plants such as poison ivy, or intolerance to sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

While the only way to steer clear of any allergy is to avoid the trigger be it pollen, an animal or food. But avoidance cannot be ensured every single time which is why it is essential that if you have been noticing a pattern of sneezing or cough when coming in contact with a particular element, you immediately get it checked by your physician and start the medication as and when prescribed by them.

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