abortion pills

Abortion pill

Abortion is the course of terminating an initial or unwanted pregnancy. For such a case it is easy to use abortion pills. In some cases, abortion occurs naturally, this is often referred to as a miscarriage. It is a process in which the doctor extracts the placenta and embryo situated inside the uterus of the patient.

This process is safe and successful if it is done as recommended by an expert. The decision of ending a pregnancy is critical and it takes tons of your time and thinking to choose wisely and make the proper decision. But before proceeding with the procedure, you must get counseling done from an honest counselor.

Women mainly have two options just in case she decides to finish her pregnancy, medical abortion which involves the consumption of medication and the other one is surgical abortion which involves surgery and anesthesia. 

Abortion Pill Specifications

For users that are completely unaware of the list of medications that can be utilised for conducting the abortion procedure, here is a short description regarding the same. You can refer the following and speak to your doctor for further guidance:

Mifepristone– Mifepristone being the primary abortion pill is effectual for conducting home abortion. Women can also buy this medication under different names such as Generic RU486 or also famously known as Mifeprex. This abortion pill is available in the strength 200mg.

Misoprostol– Misoprostol being the secondary yet very important abortion pill is suggested to be taken in combination with Mifepristone. Misoprostol can also be recognized by the term Cytotec. This abortion pill is available in the dose 800mcg (200mcg each).

Note: MTP Kit, a well-known and most prescribed abortion pill is a combination of 1 Mifepristone (200mg) and 4 Misoprostol (200mcg each). You can buy an MTP Kit abortion pill which is reasonably priced and easily available on genuine e-pharmacies.

Which is the correct decision? 

Taking big decisions is not easy and abortion can be a life-changing decision. You ought to think thoroughly and make a note of the pros and cons before making any decision as it is sort of difficult to choose the proper one. When it involves abortion, it’s tough to decide at the instant. You’ll take an indefinite time to think about your choices. To settle on the proper decision, you ought to choose counseling to decide what would be best for you. If you are comfortable, you can start talking to your doctor. Family planning doctors also provide you with counseling to assist you to opt for what is the best decision for you; you may also talk to someone close who knows or understands how the process of raising a baby will cause changes in your life. Think about your choices very carefully including three main things that are:

  • If you decide to keep the baby and put it for adoption.
  • If you decide to keep the baby and also raise him.
  • Abort the baby.

Is medical abortion safe for women?

The termination procedure is safe and gives appropriate results. Not more than 1 out of 100 women face serious health issues after their abortion. The abortion procedure should be performed by highly qualified health care professionals in very hygienic conditions. It’s one of the safest medical procedures and therefore the complications experienced are very rare during the abortion.

The safest time for doing abortion is mostly when the lady is in her first trimester (10 weeks pregnant) as there’s low–risk. Medicine or suction curettage is another two procedures that can be used to get efficient and successful results. 

When should you see the doctor?

In case you got the sense that you simply could still be conceiving, then visit a professional and certified doctor at the earliest as there are important things and time is extremely crucial to seek out and study the choices available to terminate your pregnancy. You are likely to possess more options for ending your pregnancy if you’re within the initial stage of your pregnancy. While at the earlier stage of pregnancy you experience fewer complications and better results.

Your physician asks you questions regarding your medical history and a physical examination shall be performed. So initially a lab test is going to be performed by your doctor to confirm that you are pregnant. He also will determine the trimester you’re in. 

When can abortion be done?

First of all, before proceeding with the method, it depends on how many weeks you have been pregnant. As there are two types of abortion methods to terminate your unwanted or early pregnancy. You’ve got two choices: Medical Abortion with the help of an abortion pill and Surgical Abortion. Medical abortion refers to taking medications to terminate your gestation and surgical abortion means using instruments like vacuum aspiration or dilation and evacuation (D&E). The foremost advisable period for having an early termination is when your pregnancy is completed up to 10weeks and therefore the surgical abortion option is typically recommended to the women whose pregnancy trimester is more than ten weeks or 70 days) as there is a higher risk of conducting a medical abortion beyond that stage. Abortions done in the early pregnancy stage are often performed by a doctor or a certified gynecologist. However, sometimes there are some nurse-wives, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners who are well trained to perform certain abortion procedures. Most of the abortion services are offered at certain family planning clinics and university hospitals. But in some states in the U.S, have legally restricted abortion. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of abortion?

Abortion has several advantages as well as disadvantages. These help women decide what the method to choose is:

The advantages of medicated abortion are:

  • For women whose pregnancy trimester is 10 weeks or up to 10 weeks, there is no need for further treatment if you take the two most vital doses of medical abortion. 95-98% of women choose medical abortion due to their efficiency.
  • Medical abortion involves zero clinical procedures and it is referred to as a non-surgical procedure, which most women prefer and it feels like a more natural and painless process with high priority of privacy and a higher rate of successful results.
  • The procedure can be taken place in the comfort of your home.

Medical abortion has some disadvantages, they are:

  • In certain cases, the medication must be repeated in case the process is incomplete even after taking the pill or they need to undergo the procedure of surgical abortion.
  • Medical abortion is usually time-consuming when compared to the surgical abortion procedures, there are doctor visits and certain tests than normal.
  • It’s not so easy to predict the exact time taken for a non-surgical abortion to get completed; sometimes it might take more time than expected like four to eight hours post taking the second pill.
  • You might get the severe pain and heavy bleeding that will last for some days post a surgical abortion.
  • Some women might ask for inserting IUD. Hence for inserting the IUD you have to make a special appointment from the doctor.
  • The initial pill Mifepristone might not be advisable to be consumed by you if you:

· Are consuming long-term steroid and a blood-thinning medication.

· Have some medical conditions like an adrenal failure, bleeding problems, or blood pressure.

· Have an allergic reaction to drugs or medicines that -contain Mifepristone.

What is the other complication you may face during an abortion?

If you still experience signs of being pregnant post one week or in case you don’t bleed after twenty-four hours post taking the misoprostol, then you should immediately consult your health care provider for the best solution.

If the abortion procedure is not successfully done or if you are still pregnant, it is strictly not recommended to continue with the as it may cause the malformation of the developing fetus, but this usually occurs in very rare cases.

What will be my emotional feeling after my abortion? 

Once you successfully terminate your abortion, many women feel relieved that the decision taken by them during that moment was correct for them. However, they need support at this crucial point in time. Although they made a good and well-thought decision, some women face difficulties and sadness or guilt with a sense of negative feeling. Especially in short term abortions, if you think that you need support emotionally, then talk to your health care provider.

How should you follow-up after a medical abortion?

It is essential to take a follow-up appointment to confirm if the procedure has been completed and the gestation has ended. There are some instructions and guidelines that you should follow. There will be a follow-up examination completed in 1-3 weeks post-termination, the examination will include:

  • A physical examination to check if the remaining tissue is cleared from the uterus and the cervix.
  • A blood test to examine anemia.
  • A lab test is also conducted to check a human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) level, which detects whether the pregnancy ended.
  • An ultrasound is conducted to check whether the woman’s uterus is empty.
  • A discussion on birth control use. If you start the birth control steps soon post your abortion process, your doctor will suggest the best method. 

Will you be able to conceive in the coming years? 

The most popular and commonly used method of abortion doesn’t restrict you from getting pregnant again or planning to conceive in the future. After the abortion, it will take 1-3 weeks for healing and feeling better once the process is completed but you are advised to avoid doing sexual intercourse during this period. If you still decide on a lovemaking session, make sure your partner wears a condom in the following few weeks or as recommended by your doctor to prevent the chances of an infection.

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